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We believe IT should be simple for our clients.

NOC Desk is an IT managed services provider servicing the greater New Orleans area. We offer a proactive approach to maintaining our clients’ networks. By actively monitoring we are able to fix small problems before they have a chance to become large ones. We offer a one-stop shop to handle all your IT needs. We handle all your computer, network and website needs as well as help manage your ISP and other IT related vendors so you don’t have to. You always have one place to call and there is no guessing who you need to call when something goes wrong.

We know everyone is unique and has their own goals and needs. Our approach allows us to identify these unique markers and custom tailor our services to you. We do not force specific equipment to be in place and can completely integrate with any existing setup.

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What Our Clients Say

“I have been a Chiropractor for 18 years.  Will has been the ONLY computer guy who has ever sat down with me to figure out the best plan for my IT needs.  Short term needs that will move to long term needs when my business grows.  He has been the only one who has listened to me when I talk about budget.  Sometimes a “quick fix” is not the best fix!  We have sat down on multiple occasions to brainstorm about different ways to have things in my office run smoothly and efficiently without breaking the bank!  I would highly recommend him to anyone especially if you are a small business owner, where time, efficiency, and budget matter.”

Dr. Michelle

“Every business relies heavily on technology to be successful and remain competitive these days. As a fairly young, small business, working virtually, IT support is absolutely critical to our viability and success. We struggled to find reliable support in our first three years. We were referred to NOC Desk earlier this year and honestly feel like we hit the jackpot. Will Macquinn is knowledgeable, strategic, a problem-solver and most of all, incredibly responsive. It can be extremely stressful when faced with a computer challenge or outage, but Will’s responsiveness and attentiveness quickly eases the anxiety. We feel confident that we are in great hands at NOC Desk.”


“When I first began practicing law over 40 years ago neither computers nor computer networks were a part of the typical office. Now, no business can survive without a variety of software packages, the internet, and e-mail. Without a qualified and responsive technical support staff to ensure consistent operation a business will quickly lose customers, productivity, and creditability.
NOCDESK provides the knowledgeable support I need at a reasonable price. As importantly, they are always available day or night. They have rescued me from my ignorance and the challenges presented by connectivity, updates, and a myriad of other problems.
Often, they can “dial in” thereby increasing the speed of the response while reducing cost. I would recommend them to any small business who needs quality, quick, and reasonably priced service.”


“I highly recommend Will for all of your IT and website needs. His company ranks high above the others. His communication is excellent and his rates are competitive. I know that my important information is always backed up and that I can rely on him to help me with the major issues as well as the very minor issues. I consider him my IT superhero!!”


“Thank goodness for NOC Desk and Will MacQuinn!!! He is a definite life saver. When my computer crashed, I completely panicked! Will’s calmness and expertise was just what I needed. Unfortunately, my computer was quite old and I had to get a new one. Will advised me which computer would be the best for me. He asked questions, investigating my computer needs and after my purchase was able to talk me through setting it up (I am not computer savvy but I do not have to be with NOC Desk and Will!). He also helped with antivirus and those sorts of things. His professionalism is amazing. He always has the answers I need and is quick to respond to my queries. His prices are unbeatable also! I wholeheartedly recommend Will. THANK YOU for being there, Will and NOC Desk!!”


“I’ve known Will for years and he’s always been a man of his word as well as detail oriented and thorough. He made transitioning our medium-sized business with 55+ storefronts and 5 warehouses seamless and fluid. Great guy and a great company. “


“Will is extremely knowledge, patient, and considerate of our needs as an office. We would not know what to do without him. We are very lucky to have him!”


“Will is a kind, caring person who is always willing to help our office with IT issues. One of the many things that I like about Will is that he makes you feel comfortable to ask any questions big or small. We are truly blessed to have him. “


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