Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to your website, by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine– including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Search engines are looking at your page content and the titles/descriptions that are given. Tou must have well written, unique content that is over a certain word count and can pass certain readability tests. Search engines also look at the overall performance and user experience as a part of their grading system.

A few items to pay notice to, as all search engines will are:

  • the title of the page
  • headings
  • the URL
  • the content of the article
  • the meta description
  • the alt tag of the images

Keyword Research

All of our SEO campaigns start with a comprehensive site audit. Once the audit is complete we see what areas need to be improved on OR completely started from scratch. Part of this process is identifying key phrases that are relevant to your target audience.

Content Creation

Quality content is extremely important to search engines just as it is to your visitors/customers. We can help write/rewrite content that is relevant, engaging and containing the right balance of keywords. There is a balance here, you need keywords but you can also be penalize for “flooding”  your content with them.

Page Optimization

During the campaign we will do a monthly review of your content and make any necessary adjustments or enhancements. We will also verify the metadata and site wire-frame is correctly communicating your message to search engines.

Link Building

Gaining links to your site from other high quality websites with trust is a key factor in pushing your pages up the rankings. We use our network of partner sites and blogs to secure regular high quality links.


We will coordinate a regular schedule for publishing blogs/news articles on your site. This will help keep the site fresh and show that it is actively managed. We will use your social media accounts to help share new blog links as well as several partner accounts to give a broader range of sharing. We will seek out and encourage guest authors to post on your site to help build relationships with other sites that are industry specific.

Google Webmaster and Analytics

We utilize both platforms to give us an invaluable source of information. Google Webmaster tools allows us to see/monitor the performance of your site and make sure there are no issues. Google Analytics gives us a comprehensive overview of your site traffic. It gives great tools that allow us to make informed recommendations for changes or future growth.
Viewing your site as the owner gives you a very different perspective on things than it will your regular visitors. We have “Heatmap” options that allow us to track users movements while on your site. We can see where they click and their basic progress from the time they arrive until the time they leave.

Why is this important? The most obvious answer is page layout. If visitors are not scrolling all the way down your page then we need to make sure you have call to actions to engage them before the most common stopping point. It all comes down to giving the user a great browsing experience that will keep them on your site and be coming back for more.

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